Nowopilj Children's Home IV

Novopilj, a village with about 800 inhabitants, is located in the Chernyakhovsky district in the Zhitomir region, about 100 miles west of the capital Kiev. Here, the fourth Children's House has now been built and ceremoniously opened on 04.08.2022.

It shows, on the one hand, that the need is great and that many children still must do without parental love and care and, on the other hand, that there are couples who have a heart for needy children and are willing to take on this task.

This makes it possible for more children to grow up in a family. To have parents who take care of the children, give them time, attention and above all love, so that these children also get a perspective for their future.

With great joy and gratitude, the opening ceremony was attended by the parents with the children, authority employees, neighbors and many children from the surrounding area.

A current picture of the family
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