Dubljani Children's Home III

After the opening of wo Children’s Homes in Dubljani in 2018, the Foundation THE BRIDGE TO LIFE received the request to build a third house here.

Before the parents move into a children's home and take on the valuable task, they are taught and prepared in special seminars on how to deal with traumatized children. But often the practice proofs to be even more challenging that expected.

Already in the past, very good experiences were made when several children's homes were built in the same vicinity.

In this way, the parents have the opportunity to exchange ideas or even to support each other.

Also for the children it is a possibility to get in contact with many other children without leaving the safe environment of their newfound home.

For this reason, the Foundation gladly responded to this request and built the 3rd children's house in Dubljani as a bridge to life for another 12 children. On 27.08.2021 the key was handed over to the parents, who now have the task of giving love, affection and warmth to orphans.

A current picture of the family
Children's homes already opened

Insights into the construction process and family life