Chkalove Children's Home I

In the years past the foundation had already built five Children’s Homes in the Dnjpropetrovsk region that are filled with the laughter of happy children. The association of evangelical free-churches, who takes care of these families, recognizes the sustainability of this project and desires its continuation. „We see the happy children whose school-grades are improving, who begin to see a new meaning for their lives, and who actually make their own plans for the future.

At the same time we also see that many children are still behaved of such opportunities. Please help us to build another Children’s Home.“ About 310 miles due south-west of Kiev, and only 10 miles away from the regional capital Nikopol, in 2017 this request will be answered through the construction of another Children’s Home in the city of Tschkalowe. On Friday, August 25, we celebrated the opening ceremony.

A current picture of the family
Children's homes already opened