In the countries of the EU, most children have the privilege of living in well-ordered, protected conditions. But in the countries bordering Europe to the east this is not always the case.
Many orphans and street children are left to their own fate. Some of them live in unimaginably inhumane conditions, and many end up on the street. These circumstances often lead them into a life of crime with all the inevitable dreadful consequences. For many girls a descent into (enforced) prostitution is unavoidable, as they have no one to protect them or care about their lives. They are left, completely helpless, to their fates.

The Foundation is receiving ever more cries for help. It is at the heart of our actions to save these children from such hostile environments and give them the foundations for a future and a life worth living.

The main purpose of the Foundation is to provide all possible kinds of support for orphans and children in need from difficult social backgrounds.
The Foundation has already established and successfully implemented projects in Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Transnistria, Ukraine, Belarus and Armenia. Through its work, many people have already been given a new perspective on life.

The Foundation offers to children a protected childhood, a loving upbringing, and a good education – all of which enables them to look forward to a future worth living.

Living up to its name, the Foundation offers them THE BRIDGE TO LIFE.

Foundation flyer (pdf)