Lutsk Children's Home II

In Lutsk, the city located in northwestern Ukraine, where a children's house was already built, another house was built, which will become a new home for up to 12 orphans.

A big heart for children have the parents who crossed the threshold of this house on September 11, 2021. They will be mom and dad for the children, they will love and care for the children. For this special task, the parents were carefully selected and prepared for in seminars.

What many understand by a normal childhood, these orphans have not experienced until then. On the contrary, violence, hunger and lack of love were part of the children's everyday life.

The children can now not only leave their past behind, but they can also come to terms with it and learn to look forward. Of course, it is also easier in a beautiful and loving environment, in a home, which they will find in this house.

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