Marganez Children's Home I

Marganez is a town on the right bank of the Dnieper River, about 550 km southeast of the national capital Kiev, and has about 48,000 inhabitants. The city is an important center of extraction and processing of manganese ore.

It is very difficult for children to understand the actions of their parents, who left them to their fate. Since their childhood they ask themselves "Why did they leave me?". It is nice that there are families for whom the fate of orphans is not indifferent. Such couples take in orphans without fear of responsibility, although the road is often difficult.

On 25.07.2020 in this place was solemnly handed over the key to the new Children's House to the foster couple.

The orphan children beamed with happiness that their lives will now change and they will finally have loving parents and a warm, cozy home. From the very beginning, the children feel the love of the family, have to learn to abide by rules and take responsibility. The parents invest a lot of patience and empathy in the development of the children, so that later they have a secure future.

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