Kids' camp – A time of warmth and affection

Leisure time is a time when disadvantaged children experience warmth and care in a special way. The foundation attaches great importance to the children's participation in leisure activities at one of the leisure centers set up by the foundation. In addition, it organizes two wonderful weeks of cross-cultural encounters in cooperation with several leisure centres in Germany.

Nowadays, many children often come home late from school. Participation in various additional activities, such as music school or sports clubs, takes up more free time. There is often little time left for activities or simply meeting up with friends. Children's camps offer children great experiences and, above all, the opportunity to rediscover themselves. On the one hand, recreation, relaxation and stress reduction provide a health benefit, on the other hand, children can "experience" the world here, get to know their peers and develop their personality. This social learning is something completely different from everyday school life - it happens almost incidentally, through sport and fun, with friends and is invaluable. The group leaders and supervisors become the children's personal contacts, where they can unload their worries and needs. For some orphans, it is something very special in their lives, as they have never experienced anything like it.

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