“The promotion of charitable and welfare projects and the provision of other help for children and young people in need, and their families, all over the world. The purpose of the Foundation is implemented in particular through the following activities at home and abroad:

  • Our own projects in the field of providing help for children and young people, as well as education and care,

  • Support for children and young people in need, and for their families who need financial assistance due to their physical, mental, psychological or material circumstances,
  • The establishment of children’s homes, schools, hospitals, old people’s homes, and other social institutions, or the support for existing institutions of these kinds, and
  • Emergency relief in the case of natural disasters, crises and famines.

The Foundation decides at its own discretion and on the basis of the means available which of the specified purposes and activities it will pursue and to what extent.”

- Extract from the Constitution of 19 December 2011


The DIE BRÜCKE ZUM LEBEN (THE BRIDGE TO LIFE) Foundation, with its headquarters in Diepenauer Heide 1, 31603 Diepenau (tax reference 34/215/18183) was founded in December 2011 by Gerd Johannes Hemmerling. Its objective of not-for-profit and charitable status is permanently anchored in the Constitution.

For this reason, the Foundation was recognised by the Ministry for the Interior and Sport of Lower Saxony as a body eligible for tax relief. This was officially certified by the Nienburg/Weser tax authority on 27 December 2011.