The country of Armenia is located in the southern Caucasus region and has a population of 3 million. The nation is marked by poverty and rising unemployment-rates. The genocide from 1915-16, the earth quake in 1988, the decline of the Soviet Union, and the continual conflicts with Azerbaijan in the Caucasus mountains are a burden to the nation and have led to a prolonged economic crisis.

In Armenia the social security system is almost non-functional and it has a poor health-care coverage for the people. According to a report issued by the world bank every fifth Armenian is living in poverty, and 10% of the population only has one meal a day. Many families are so desperate that they send off their children into orphanages, even though these are also completely insufficiently equipped.

Because of the rising unemployment rates we find child labor in Armenia. Many parents are forced to send their children to beg or to sell roses to make ends meet. As a result of the economic crisis only three-fourth of the the children are attending school, even though schooling is free in Armenia. Many youth steal and become delinquent. The result of that is marginalization and loss of perspective.

7 Million of the about 10 Million living Armenians are working abroad and send money home to their families and relatives who would otherwise not be able to survive. Often the contact to the families that were left behind is lost as the person living abroad starts a new life. The abandoned families in Armenia are forgotten and left to their own devices.

The foundation seeks to help these people by providing children with shelter, regular meals, education, and a future perspective. The construction of children’s homes enables children to grow up in a home with loving parents where they can become part of a new family.