Dubljani Children's Home IV

Because the property made it possible, house number four was also commissioned at the same time, thus creating another Children's House that will be home to up to 12 more children.

The two new Children's Houses in Dubljani were opened in a small circle on 27.08. 2021. Within these newly built walls loving parents will take care of the orphans.

Here they will be warm and dry and will not have to go to the streets to beg for clothes or some money for food.

Because the house has room for up to 12 children, it allows especially the orphans as siblings not to be distributed in several places, but to stay together in one family.

It is hard enough that they have lost their parents, so it is all the more important that the children are spared another painful separation and continue their journey through life together.

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Children's homes already opened

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