Pavlograd Children's Home I

The Free Protestant Church in the city of Pavlograd (Dnipropetrovsk District, Ukraine) was granted a site by the local authorities.
As the planning permission process was time-consuming, it was only possible to begin construction of the children’s home in autumn 2013.

It was finally ready to officially open its doors with a ceremony on 31 August, 2014. The official opening of a playground was also on the agenda for the same day. This project too was supported by the Foundation.

Appreciation for the excellent implementation was expressed by the city administration and on behalf of the city’s citizens.

“It is an important event for the children of this city, particularly in these difficult times which are so difficult for Ukraine,” said the Deputy Mayor E.S.
“A year ago, when the foundation stone for this house was being laid, we all eagerly awaited this day, as the children of our city are in urgent need of this kind of shelter and care. We have 19,000 children in Pavlograd, 400 of whom are waiting for a protective family environment,” she said.

Today is the day when that dream comes true for twelve of those children.”

The large site provided space for the building of a second children’s home which was opened on 26 July, 2015.

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