Kremenez Children's Home II

We are in 2023 and the attacks on Ukraine continue. The people of Ukraine live in uncertainty as to how long it will continue or what is still to come. Kremenez, located in the west of Ukraine and about 300 miles from the capital Kiev, has already lived through many things in its history, including most recently World War II.

How much more are children affected by suffering and hardship in such extreme situations. Children who lose their parents and their homes need even more help and support from those whose hearts burn for it.

Thus, also in the second children's house in Kremenez, which was opened on June 10, 2023, a pair of parents will move in and provide a warm and, if possible, safe home for the orphans. The parents will provide affection, security and comfort to the children, in addition to the existential needs such as food and clothing.

Parents who love the orphans will help them cope and get through the difficult situations in life so that they can live their childhood with play and laughter.

A current picture of the family
Children's homes already opened