Georgia is one of the poorest countries in Europe. Since it became independent in 1991, about one million people have left the country. Especially those residents who were able to find work in other countries left Georgia in large numbers.

As a result of armed conflicts, many Georgians were driven out by force, their houses plundered and their possessions seized. Many people became homeless.

In recent years, the country has seen a remarkable economic upturn with high growth rates, but these positive economic developments have not been felt by the majority of the population. The situation of most Georgians has hardly improved. There is no mentionable state or social support, and around 70 percent of the population are recorded as underemployed or unemployed!

Many people see themselves as having no prospects and escape into alcoholism or drug dependency.

These are hardly the circumstances to promote a healthy family life, especially in the large cities. Social insecurity and the lack of future prospects are a particularly hard blow for children and young people of Georgia.

Children are neglected and often left on their own. Many run away from difficult family situations or orphanages and take to life on the streets. Here, street children are sooner or later faced with criminal activities, prostitution, and drug and alcohol abuse. Despite compulsory education, only a fraction of street children actually attend school. They face high health risks and other dangers and have no way of enjoying a real childhood.

The Foundation wants to give the street children of Georgia the security of a family life and offer them access to education.