Recreation and leisure center for children in Baba Novac

Each time I visited the recreation and leisure centre to observe the work being done there and discuss the next steps, I saw how the whole project was growing and shaping its own destiny.

Each of the ten dormitory buildings arranged around the central main building has its own WC and shower facilities. There are accommodations for at least four people in each dormitory. For the children who are often used to inhumane conditions, a stay at this recreation and leisure centre is extremely enjoyable and beneficial.

The main building has a kitchen and dining room, and there are plenty of guest rooms for staff. The first floor has been laid out as a large common room, which means that even with bad weather there is enough room for group activities.

The entire site is fenced in. The grounds have been landscaped with pavements, flowerbeds, lawns and car parking lots. The complex also includes a sports field and a playground. It all makes the centre very pleasant and attractive for children and young people.

Pastor Micula Mihai proudly reported that the grand opening had been planned before the 2014 Whitsun vacations. His wife Diana was already delighted to welcome the first children. Site manager Zaharie Adorean commented that the relatively warm winter had made it possible to open on time.

The HAUS DER HOFFNUNG (HOUSE OF HOPE) association, with headquarters in Satu Mare, Romania, which has implemented and managed this project, became an accredited social service provider on 29 December 2011.

The association was awarded a diploma by the local authorities in 2012 for its social and humanitarian work, as well as a further diploma from the Mayor of the city of Satu Mare.

It was remarkable to see how much goodwill the authorities showed, and how quickly they approved the individual stages of the project. The efforts of the construction workers, who carried out their work skilfully and conscientiously, were also impressive.

On their own initiative and under their own responsibility, the authorities of Baba Novac improved the relatively long access drive, which was previously scarcely passable. This was a significant contribution to the opening of this extraordinary and unique centre.

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