Family sponsorships

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A sponsorship is a particularly personal and sustainable form of help, because as a sponsor your support gets "a face". The donation serves different purposes, as it is not only intended for one child, but benefits the entire family. You can find out more personally from the thank-you letters, in which the family reports on what your help has achieved.

Our goal is to get many orphans out of their distressed situation and to place them in a healthy family, so that they can have a good perspective for the future.

How does it work?

  • With an individual contribution, which is passed on 100 per cent, you take over the sponsorship of a foster family with orphans.
  • You will receive from us an info with picture and location of that family you support with your donation.

  • Once or twice a year you will also receive a letter from your sponsor family (correspondence possible).

  • At the beginning of the following year, you will receive a donation receipt for your sponsorship contributions for your tax return.

  • Your sponsorship can be terminated at any time and without giving reasons.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us.

To sponsor a family, you can either fill in the PDF or use the online form below.

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Stories about a few children
  • Valerij & Valeria

    Valerij and Valeria came to us in August 2017. These children lived with their mother and constantly changing partners. They were beaten and abused. Valerij was chained to a dog lead and locked in the dog kennel. When his parents were completely drunk and arguing, as they often did, Valerij would take his little sister in his arms and run away from home. And in March 2020, her two-month-old sister Arina came to us, who was wanted by the police in Floreszta for two days. Arina had scabies. She needed medical treatment, which lasted two months. As the nappies were only changed very rarely and there were many skin lesions, the sensitive skin healed very slowly. The Mother went to court in November 2020, where her parental authority for all the children was revoked. (Foster mother Alina from Moldova. November 2020)

  • Misha & Oleg

    When the two brothers (Misha and Oleg) were taken from the orphanage, the director said to their parents: "Come and have a look at them, one is an angel, the other a devil!" When they were picked up by the foster parents, there was little room for the "wild one": he ran, no, he chased through the house, trying to introduce the rules of the state orphanage to the family. . . in a word: fire. The nickname "devil" had a reason. But now, 6 months later, he's a great guy. No comparison to before. I asked him: "Are you an angel yet?" He replied: "No, I'm not an angel yet, but I'm trying to be good. I really like being here with the family and I don't want to go back to the children's home!" (Foundation employee visiting the foster family in Ukraine)

  • Ineska

    Ineska came to us when she was already 1 year old. Passers-by found the six-month-old girl at night in winter, completely frozen outside on the street. A long search for her parents and relatives turned up nothing. When we decided to take Ineska in, she was very ill. Despite being very ill, we adopted her. She is now 9 years and 6 months old. She is a great and very talented girl. At the moment we are trying to teach her to play the piano. Unfortunately, she has an eye condition which she is still struggling with today. (Foster mum Tamara from Moldova.)

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