Since 2014, Ukraine has been experiencing the most serious state and social crisis since it gained independence in 1991. Unfortunately, over 20 years of independence has not brought the population the much hoped-for improvement in their living conditions. On the contrary, more people are getting poorer year on year, and the number of those falling below the poverty line is steadily increasing.
The majority of the Ukrainian population was already living in bitter poverty before the outbreak of the current armed conflict. The war in eastern Ukraine has worsened the circumstances of the population, who were already in need, and made many people homeless. There are hardly any medical facilities in eastern Ukraine, and in some places there is even no water supply. Power cuts are also a frequent occurrence.

The deterioration in living conditions in Ukraine has had a particularly serious effect on the lives of children, with orphans and street children hit particularly hard.

According to unofficial statistics, ten thousand children live on the streets of Ukraine, in stations, cellars or sewer shafts. They are unprotected from hunger, cold, violence and diseases such as HIV.
They manage to keep their heads above water through begging, drug dealing and prostitution. Many children and young people anaesthetise themselves against mental and physical suffering by sniffing glue – a cheap, readily available but highly toxic drug that causes lasting physical and mental damage.

The Foundation wants to get children off the streets, offer them new homes and integrate them into caring families. It is also important for us to ensure that the children have a sustainable path towards a secure, self-determined future.

Children's homes already opened