Recreation and leisure center for children in Slabada

Construction of the Green Ranch began on 25 March 2013 on a 17-hectare site. It is surrounded by picturesque nature. Not only does it encompass fields and trees, it also borders a beautiful lake.

Camps are organised throughout the year, attended not only by children from the 10 nearby children's houses, but also by parents and many clubs from near and far. More than 100 beds, sanitary facilities, numerous recreation rooms and a correspondingly large kitchen enable families and closed clubs to have a good rest.

The equine therapy programme for children with spasticity is very popular and shows visible results. The covered indoor riding arena allows therapy to take place all year round.

There is a covered football pitch on this site, so that even in bad weather or in the cold season there is the opportunity to play football or other games.

A fireplace with seating is also a must, either evening events are offered or people meet up to spend a relaxed evening around the campfire.

Quote from a teenager who took part in a camp: "It was a great time for me, I made new friends and we all had a lot of fun together; various interesting games were played; the staff were friendly and attentive; I liked the variety between action and relaxation and the food was very tasty!"

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