Piwdenne Children's Home I

Pivdenne is a city in Ukraine in the Dnipopetrovsk region and about 340 miles southeast from the capital Kiev. The population is about 7700 inhabitants. Here a married couple has contacted us, who have the poor and orphaned children in mind and who are concerned about the needs of these partial or full orphans. They want to give these children love, security and safety. They can give this to them because their heart is full of devotion and service for this so great task. Unfortunately, the problem is their own housing situation. This inhibits many willing parents to take in more children. So the request came to

the foundation THE BRIDGE TO LIFE to build a Children's House. After the negotiations with the authorities regarding the land and the related formalities, the Foundation started the construction in the spring of 2022.

n 15.09.2022 the time had come, and the Children’s House was ceremoniously opened. The joy, the gratitude of the couple and the children was not to be overlooked. Now up to 12 children can start a new life in a family where there is love, care and understanding. Growing up in this setting opens new future perspectives for the children.

Children's homes already opened

Insights into the construction process and family life