Busiwka Children's Home I

Busivka is a village with 2200 inhabitants, located in the west of the Ukrainian Cherkassy district about 100 miles from the capital Kiev.
Children are born everywhere in the world. Unfortunately, quite a few children are abandoned or become victims of both physical and psychological violence in their own families. These children experience many bad things at a young age and are unable to escape or fight back on their own. Sometimes it is relatives, neighbors, in other cases the school institutions that get the authorities involved and thus offer the victims a way to get out of the terrible situation.
After that, there are two options for the children: either to be placed in a state children's home or in a foster family. The willingness to take in orphans is extremely high in Eastern Europe. Unfortunately, a lack of housing often stands in the way of taking in these children.

To counteract this obstacle, the foundation THE BRIDGE TO LIFE has already built more than 100 Children's Houses in Ukraine over the past 10 years, now also in Busiwka. On 6.08.2022, despite the unrest and war in the country, the first house was opened here.

A current picture of the family
Children's homes already opened

Insights into the construction process and family life