Dear friends and supporters of our foundation

With grateful hearts we look back on the now more than 10 years of existence of the Foundation.

In December 2011, the Foundation was established to help orphans and needy children in the poorest countries of Eastern Europe - not only by placing them in an orphanage and providing for them materially, but by giving them a father and mother who will love them as parents, provide for them and also be there for their spiritual needs. After all, the greatest dream of an orphaned or abandoned child is to be part of a happy family where they can feel accepted, safe and secure.

The Foundation aims to fulfill this dream by providing housing to families who are willing to take in orphans and be there for them, .

Since the establishment of our foundation, over 200 children's homes have been completed in 7 countries to date. Well over 2500 (orphan) children have been given a home there and can now grow up in a loving family with a perspective for their future.

In order to better meet the diverse needs of the families, numerous complementary projects have arisen over the years:

  • Therapeutic counseling

  • Mini farms

  • Playgrounds

  • Children's camps

  • Family sponsorships

  • Donations in kind

  • Christmas parcels

You can find more information about these projects on this homepage.

We cordially invite you to visit our exhibition rooms in Rahden. Numerous pictures and information offer an insight into the lives of the families. Many thousands of visitors have taken the opportunity so far to learn more about the work of our foundation.

We thank you very much for all your support so far!

The foundation team