Children's home VI in Baltata

The sixth children's home in Baltata, which was completed in October 2021, is also ready for up to 12 orphans who will move in and have new experiences that were previously denied to them.

The children will have a mom and dad here who will protect them from violence, comfort them when they are sad, and tuck them in with a warm blanket when they go to sleep. The orphans will rediscover laughter here, sleep in their own beds and discover the world of play with other children.

In this children's home they will be allowed to simply be a child, without having to worry about what they will wear or eat the next day. Here the children are taken care of and allowed to be part of a real family. They are loved and not rejected. They experience their very special value as a loved one.

We may rejoice for and with these orphans that they too may also have this longed-for experience for children.

Children's homes already opened

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