Crasnoarmeiscoe Children's Home II

When the people of this little town heard about the foundation and its projects, they said to those responsible, „this is what we urgently need...“
On November 29, 2017 the long-awaited day had finally come and the desperately needed first Children’s Home could be opened with a festive celebration. Since that day, twelve orphans have been given loving care and support on their way to a future worth living on this place. Just two years later it became obvious that this single Children’s Home was not enough

The need for more children hoping to find a Home was too great.
Their hopes were fulfilled on October 19th, 2019. On this day, the family and numerous guests celebrated the opening of the second Children’s Home in their small region. Further children can now be shaped sustainably through the loving care of their parents.

A current picture of the family
Children's homes already opened