Falesti Childrens Home I

The town of Falesti is located in the west of the country, on the border with Romania, along the Pruth River. Falesti exists since 2003, it has 78258 inhabitants and is about 150 km away from the capital. Until February 2003, the area belonged to the now dissolved Bãlţi County.

As everywhere in the world, there are children in this locality who have to grow up without their biological parents. These children can't help it that their parents can't take care of them, or even worse, don't want to. But it is these little people who suffer the most under these circumstances.

There are many things that the orphans are deprived of. Some lack sufficient food, clothing, many lack the guiding care and love of their parents and not a few are mistreated. In the worst case, they end up on the street, abandoned to their fate and to crime.

The foundation DIE BRÜCKE ZUM LEBEN wants to help these children. In this great city, a House of Hope was opened for them on October 15, 2020. Here a couple moves in, ready to give comfort, love, affection and a future to up to 12 orphans. Here the children learn what it means to have a home and to be wanted and loved.

A current picture of the family
Children's homes already opened