Horjeschti Children's Home I

Horjeschti in the district of Hantscheschti is a town in Moldova, about 35 miles southwest of Chisinau, the capital of the country. Again and again, the foundation THE BRIDGE TO LIFE receives requests to support young families who have decided to take in orphans.
Even if the desire to give orphans a home exists, there are other important conditions for its realization. One of the most important is sufficient living space, which the young parents usually cannot afford. The Children's Houses that the foundation builds and makes available to families for this purpose offer space for up to 12 children. Here, two children share a room. In state-run orphanages, several children are usually housed in shared rooms, so the new privacy offered by our Children’s Houses is welcomed by the kids as something very special. Possessions we take for granted, such as having our own closet, are often a completely new experience for the orphans. And indeed, having their own closet increases these children's self-esteem. 

Even small attentions make their little eyes light up.
This new experience of growing up in a family with loving and caring parents and being provided with the necessary material things gives the children completely new perspectives for their lives.
On 05.01.2023 the children's house was ceremoniously opened, and the family was symbolically handed a key to their new home.

A current picture of the family
Children's homes already opened