Teleneshti Children's home II

The city of Telenezhti is located 70 miles north of the capital Chisinau and has an area of 22 sqm. It is one of the administrative districts of the Republic of Moldova. The population is about 7 thousand inhabitants.

The Evangelical Free Church of Teleshti was one of the first to start serving orphans in Moldova in 2003. As this ministry to orphans bore fruit, a second children's home was opened in the village. Like everything in life, this work not only leaves its mark on the lives of these children, but also on the building.

For this reason, the foundation carried out extensive renovation work in 2023. From the outside, the façade was renewed in the foundation's colors and the entrance door was replaced. The children's rooms now have new carpets and mattresses. Repairs were also carried out in the bathrooms and various appliances in the kitchen were replaced, in other words a complete refurbishment.

This means that the parents do not have to worry about repairs but can concentrate fully on the education and care of the children.

A current picture of the family
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