Baltata Children's Home I

Baltata lies 12 Miles due east from the Moldovan Capital Chisinau. The Association of Evangelical Free-churches owns about 10 acres of land in this area.
The countryside’s beauty is like a standing invitation for picnics and recreation, and so the association decided to build a camp and retreat center here. Since every year the number of Children’s Homes increases in Moldova, this site is an ideal place for the families and their children to come to and relax.

Since the site affords enough space to do so, the foundation was approached with the request to construct three Children’s Homes on the property. We already have the construction permits, and as soon as the ground thaws out towards the spring the foundations will be poured.

This is an exciting prospect for the parents who will move into the Children’s Home I with up to 12 foster children. Once the Home is finished the children will not only have a full recreation center at their doorstep but they will also be able to connect with new friends and form lasting relationships.
On Saturday afternoon, September 16, 2017, this dream became a reality.

A current picture of the family
Children's homes already opened