Bozieni Children's Home II

The village of Bozieni belongs to the district of Hincesti, at the distance of about 35 km to the capital Chisinau.

Bozieni is a small municipality. It is idyllically situated on the slopes between two hills, around 2,400 inhabitants live here.

Just as the village is surrounded by hills and sheltered from storms, so children should be embraced by their parents and sheltered from the storms of life. However, there are many needy children in this area who have to grow up without parents. This is exactly why a second children's home was built in this village, where the orphans find a place of love and security.

It is a great pleasure for us to witness that our project fulfils this purpose and that the orphans can finally spend a happy childhood in a comfortable home. It's a great way to give children a future perspective in this way. A family that opened their hearts to these lonely and neglected children agreed to accept this challenging ministry. These children not only need a roof over their heads, sufficient clothing and food, but loving parents who take care of them on a daily basis. These orphans will be given the genuine affection and love they so desperately need.

On 06.07.2023, the family moved into the house, which has become a new home for 12 orphans.

A current picture of the family
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