Children's Home V in Baltata

The Federation of Evangelical Free Churches owns about 10 hectares of land here in Baltata, 20 km from the capital Chisinau. It is a lot of fertile land. When does the land bear fruit? Yes, only when it is cultivated! This is also the plan of the foundation DIE BRÜCKE ZUM LEBEN. Children's house number five also opened its doors in October 2021.

Here, a lot of love, affection and appreciation shall be sown in the hearts of the orphans, so that they will become wonderful people as fruit.

You can be sure that the hearts of the children are prepared to receive all this. Because that is what they need. Father's hands that embrace them. Mother's voice whispering loving words to them. Warm bed in which they can rest. Healthy food, which makes them grow.

All this together makes them able to carry love into the world even as seeds. To pass on these good qualities to other people and thus make the world a little better.

A current picture of the family
Children's homes already opened