Belzy Children's home I

Belzy is the second largest city in Moldova with over 100,000 inhabitants and is located around 90 miles north of the capital Chisinau on the River Raut, a tributary of the Dniester. The city is home to a multicultural and multilingual population.

In 2012, an existing building here was converted into a children's home. Since then, many orphans have been able to spend a happy childhood here with parents who love them.

In 2023, the house was due for a complete renovation. Among other things, the Foundation replaced some electrical appliances and broken furniture. The existing heating system was modernized and thus brought up to the current state of the art. In other words, the children's home was renovated from the ground up.

The children's playroom was also completely redesigned and made child friendly. Now the family can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy their new "old" home.

A current picture of the family
Children's homes already opened

Insights into the construction process and family life