Valeni Children's Home I

Valeni is a small community of about 3000 souls. It is situated in the Cahul region, about 120 miles due south of the national capital Chisinau. The Foundation was able to build several houses in this region already, but there are still many children left in need of a caring family. When we received the required construction permit, we soon began to build a new Children’s Home.

On April 17, 2019 we could open the doors for a new family. Many visitors attended the accompanying celebration. This family is now able to take in up to 12 children to give them love and protection. There is enough living space to realise the dream of having a family for many children.

„We are grateful, that the Foundation Die Brücke zum Leben completed this project. The children will profit from this project in any case. Finally they are able to find a kind of love they were lacking up to now, and we will be with them all the way,“a delegate of the local government said during the opening celebration.

The mayor also offered her assistance: „It is a great honour and desire for us to take part in the lives of these orphans. Thanks be to God for this project. A wonderful family makes for a wonderful home. We, the administration of Valeni, are ready to assist the family, and implement official measures wherever it should become necessary.“

A current picture of the family
Children's homes already opened