Children's Home I in Cenusa

Cenusa is a village in Floresti County in Moldova, about 128 km north of the capital Chisinau. It is a very idyllic place situated on a hill and embraced by a river.

Here in the future children will be embraced, loved, and educated. They will be special children. These children are orphans - they lost their families for various reasons and long for a place where they can find a new home and be children again.

A pair of parents wants to give these children the protected setting of a family and allow them to have a childhood. It will not be easy to free the children from their negative experiences and the resulting fears.

This young woman and her husband want to take on this task of caring for the well-being of the children entrusted to them and showing them what it means to be loved.

So that the parents can devote themselves fully to the children and do not have to worry additionally about the housing situation, the foundation THE BRIDGE TO LIFE built a house for this family at this location and opened the doors into their new life at the end of December 2021.

A current picture of the family
Children's homes already opened