Falesti Childrens Home II

Falesti is located in the west of the country, on the border with Romania, along the Pruth River. The county of Falesti has around 78,000 inhabitants and is approximately 150 km from the capital Chișinău.

The number of inhabitants says something about the size of the city, but not about its economic or social status. However, it is well known that the number of orphans in larger cities is correspondingly high. There is a great need for accommodation and care for children who have no parents or are not cared for by their biological parents.

The desperate situation of the people is revealed by Falestis, a district characterized by poverty, which can offer neither jobs nor education through schools. A lack of financial resources, food or housing often drives the children onto the streets. It is often the violence in their parents' homes from which the children escape themselves or are freed by the youth welfare officeIt is precisely this hopelessness that motivates the foundation THE BRIDGE TO LIFE to build children's homes there. These houses create the bridges that enable the orphans to start a new life, a life with a future and prospects.

The children's home in Falesti would bring life back to the village, as the mayor hopefully announced at the opening, and the first step towards this was taken on January 5, 2024 when a family moved in. Here, the children can experience a caring upbringing in the love and security of their foster parents.

A current picture of the family
Children's homes already opened