Bulaeschty Children's Home I

Bulaeshty is a village in the Orhei region, located 60 miles north of the Moldovan capital Chișinău.

Here there is a school and a kindergarten as a good base for the care and development of children. However, the most important thing for a child is and remains a family, consisting of a loving home with parental care. In order to fulfill this basic need for children who do not have parents, the Children's House opened its doors on 24.08.2022 for up to 12 orphans. In this house there is enough space for a couple of parents who decided to educate and love not only their biological children, but also orphans.

In Moldova, foster parents usually lack space to take in more children. Through our foundation THE BRIDGE TO LIFE, these families are given a spacious house in which usually two children share a room. This way, even siblings can stay together after the loss of their parents and do not have to be separated when they are taken in by such a family.

A current picture of the family
Children's homes already opened