Children's Home II in Chioselia

Chioselia is a commune in the south of Moldova, 90 miles from the capital Chisinau. Being very rural and inhabited by barely 1500 people, the village is rather unknown and has no great economic importance. But there is something special about this village.
Already the second Children's House was completed by the foundation THE BRIDGE TO LIFE at this place. Another family is moving into their new home. How do these families in these children's houses differ from the other buildings in this village? Is it the color? Is it the size?
No, it is the willingness of the parents to take in orphans and to give them love. These couples want to give a new start to children who have experienced terrible things in their young lives and have become orphans for various reasons. The parents have made it their mission to show the orphans the other side of life, without fear, hunger and violence. Although it is often a challenging task, it is still very important that each child feels wanted and loved.

"Growing up in a sheltered home changes children," said the principal of the local school present at the opening on Jan. 9, 2023. "We have already experienced this with the children from the foundation's first children's home here in the village. They come to school clean and full, that alone helps them concentrate better in school and learn diligently. We also see such a strong change in the children's social behavior. It's a joy to witness."

A current picture of the family
Children's homes already opened