Ciniseuti Children's Home I

Ciniseuti is a village of about 3000 inhabitants that is located about 55 miles north-east of Chisinau, the national capital of Moldova.
We obtained the construction permit, built the house and opened it on January 13, 2019. Many guests were present for they did not want to miss this event. Next to visitors from Germany there were also the major and representatives of the local youth protection agency present.
It was a moving program, and several speakers encouraged the family. „I am very happy that houses like this are being built in our country, and that one of them is now available to the orphans of our village in such a short time providing so much living space,“ the major said in her speech. She continued to wish the family much endurance and love for the children.

Also the youth representatives expressed their gratitude and specifically addressed the foster parents: „Thank you, that you are one of those families who are willing to invest themselves into orphaned children, who are not only in need of governmental support, but much more so need the warmth of a family to protect and love them.“

The children loved the house very much. „In this house we have the opportunity to provide a home for even more children“, said the foster mom. She had been volunteering in local orphanages for years already and always had the deep desire to take in some of those children.

A current picture of the family
Children's homes already opened