Pohrebeni Children’s Home I

Pohrebeni, a village of about 2500 souls, is located in the Orhei region about 50 miles due Noth-east of the national capital of Chisinau. There is a great need in the region, for many children are without a home. When the request reached us to build a Children’s Home here, we gladly accepted and started construction in the summer of 2018.


On April 18, 2019 the Home was finally opened. Now 12 more children can find a new life within the context of a loving family and make many positive a lasting memories.

The councilman for the region mentioned in his speech: „It is very important, that in our society there are people who are willing to raise our orphans, especially with christian values. The denomination is not important, what is important is, that they are raised to become good citizens of our nation.“

 „I am very much impressed about the quick and efficient construction process. Never before has our village seen a construction project such as this one … I understand, that this is not just a ministry of one family, but it is an obligation for all of us. I am willing to offer my help in the future as well,“ the mayor said.

A current picture of the family
Children's homes already opened