Kolibasch Children's Home I

It was a historic day for the village of Colibaşi in Moldova when construction work began on the first children’s home. At the end of May 2014, a ceremony marked the laying of the foundation stone.

“The laying of the foundation stone is a major historical moment for our village. Our aim is to allow children to enjoy life. In this home, the children can grow up cherished in a family. They are looked after in a caring environment and learn important values to provide a solid foundation for their future lives. I am sure that the children’s home will be a wonderful addition to our village and to communal life,” said local pastor Sacharia Wasilake at the start of the ceremony.

Waldemar Schröder was present as a representative of the Foundation DIE BRÜCKE ZUM LEBEN (bridge to life) which had enabled the building of the children’s home. “This foundation stone laying ceremony is not the first of its kind I have had the privilege of attending. Each one is an emotional moment for me. I myself grew up as a half-orphan; my father died when I was just three. I know exactly how it is to live without a father, but I cannot imagine what it must be like to have lost both mother and father. And that is exactly what motivates me to get involved in projects of this kind. I am delighted that, here today, the foundation stone is being laid for a place in which children will find a family and a new, sheltered home environment.”

Elena Bakalov, Vice President of the Cahul District and responsible for Social Affairs and Health, noted that migration has led to many orphans in Moldova.

Furthermore, a reform of the children’s homes system in 2007 has led to the closure or restructuring of numerous existing homes. As a result, many children were sent back to their original families or accommodated in overcrowded orphanages or emergency accommodation. The original families are often unable to cope with the children and cannot offer them adequate accommodation, care or education. They are frequently neglected and suffer abuse.

“When the children cannot grow up in their original families, the state must look after their wellbeing and care. Unfortunately, the state is currently unable to fulfil this obligation. I would therefore like to thank all those who campaigned for these children, and who are dedicated to bringing joy to their lives and offering them a better future,” says Elena Bakalov.

The Mayor of the village of Colibaşi, Ion Dorganjuk, pledged his support for the building work on the children’s home: “Sad to say, I have often met children who have never experienced the joy and love of a life with their parents. I believe that this children’s home will fill the emptiness in their hearts. We will do everything we can to help overcome difficulties during the construction phase.”

Up to twelve children will find a loving environment and a new family in Children’s Home I from 1 June, 2015. Two further children’s homes are being planned for Colibaşi.

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