Slabada Children’s Home VIII

Not only because there was room for another children's house, but because there are still so many children longing for a home. House number VIII in this special place, Slabada, has been opened at the end of 2021, providing space for 12 more orphans.

In whatever way the children have lost their homes and parents, they still long for love, security and warmth.

But they can only experience all this in a family, where they laugh together, share, sing, read, in other words, live together. Here they are lovingly educated and prepared for their future.

Of course, there are also difficult moments. Parents are trained and prepared for these in seminars. There they learn how to master these situations. What is crucial is that the love that the orphans give back eclipses these difficulties. Nothing can take away the joy of serving these children from the parents.

A current picture of the family

Insights into the construction process and family life