Slabada Children’s Home IV

Where do children experience love, security, care and other values which are important for the child’s development and future life? The answer is clear – in a family. What to do if it does not exist?
Organized by the foundation “THE BRIDGE TO LIFE”, the fourth Children’s Home was built in Slabada and officially opened in June 15, 2019. A couple of parents moved in here, grateful to be able to dedicate their lives to the children who innocently have been left without their parents and without a home.

Up to 12 orphans will find a place here that gives them stability, warmth and, above all, loving parents. On Sunday June 12, 2016, the festive opening of the second Children's Home was celebrated. At least twice as many people as at the opening of the first Children’s Home in 2015 came to participate and rejoice with the orphans who will finally find a comfortable home with loving parents here.

A current picture of the family