Slabada Children’s Home I

It has been quite some time since we were first approached with he request to also build Children’s Home in Belarus. Since the Foundation does neither support private nor governmental projects, there were some legal issues that needed to be resolved.
The official agencies worked hard to provide a suitable framework in which the much needed Children’s Homes could be made a reality.

A charitable foundation called „The Path to Life“, which will supervise and maintain the project "Children’s Homes in Belarus“, has already been established and has received official accreditation.

Only then we received a suitable property along with a construction permit.

The long years of waiting finally paid off. On Saturday July 22, 2017 we festively opened the first Children’s Home in Belarus.
„Today in this city of Slabada, right in between the capital Minsk and the international airport, we heard the starting call for hopefully many more Children’s Homes,“ one could hear the guests say.

„For years we tired to acquire more living-space to give orphaned children a sheltered home,“ the new parents said, „but we would never have dreamt to ever live in such a house that is designed especially for our needs. Here we can live comfortably ourselves, but more importantly, we can become a family to those children who have been robbed of parental love and care.“

A current picture of the family