Perwomaisk Children's Home I

A request to build another children’s home reached us from the city of Perwomaisk, located at the border crossing between the Ukraine and Transnistria. An evangelical free church in Tiraspol, about 30 km away, agreed to take on the legal responsibility and supervision of the project.

The young pastor was visibly excited when he heard that the foundation agreed to build the children’s home in 2016.

On December 22, the day had finally come to celebrate the opening of the Children’s Home.

The Mayor, who had been a strong advocate for the project from the beginning, was notably surprised that such an endeavor had been realized in such a short amount of time.

„We cannot live happily when we are surrounded by unhappy children who have to grow up without parental love,“ the director of the department of social welfare said, „and we are all the more happy that today these children have found a place they can call home.“

A current picture of the family