Help for refugees from Ukraine in Romania

"Since the war started, we have been able to get involved in the project with the refugees in many ways. We have hosted refugees from Ukraine and distributed meals to them. We have been transporting food, medicine, blankets, and mattresses to Ukraine to support the people there since the beginning. A member from the Parliament of Ukraine, on the order of the party, personally thanked us for the assistance and support provided to the needy in Ukraine.

There are over 35,000 refugees on the borders with Ukraine who do not want to cross the border because they are waiting for the war to end soon, and they can return to their homes.

We thank God for His great help, but we also thank you for your help and for supporting these projects through prayers. We pray that God will reward you and bless you, your family, and your ministry.

We pray that God will be honored through this ministry. We also pray that these people will see God's love through us and the work we do."

Mihai and Damaris Micula
Foundation workers in Romania

A few pictures of the aid that arrived in Romania.