Hrazdan Apartment I

About ten years ago the Association of Evangelical Free-Churches in Armenia received permission to build an orphanage. The subsequent financial crisis and the resulting poverty in the country rendered the realization of this endeavour impossible. However, their desire to help the orphans in their country and to provide for them a loving home was never quenched. When they heard about the projects of the Foundation they asked for help.
Since the foundations exited already, the architect designed a three-story Children’s Home. It includes three residential units and an auxiliary building featuring a kitchen, a dining hall, a meeting hall with 170 seats, and additional guest-rooms.

The altered designs were approved and the apartment building was finished in 2016.
In 2017 the whole project was finished and festively opened on September 9. Over 100 guests appeared to participate in this extraordinary event.

„Even so I did build it,”the architect said,„I never believed until now that we would actually finish the project. Today is a big day for all of us, but especially for the many children who will find home and loving parents here.”