News from the children's homes in Ukraine

Almost half of the families had to leave our children's houses due to the approaching fighting. Thanks to the great willingness of people from neighboring countries to help, so far, the families could be accommodated in Poland, Moldova, Romania and some already in Germany.
The families who have remained in the local children's homes continue to be assisted and supported with all necessities as needed. Some areas are not affected by the fighting. Many refugees seek refuge in such areas. Our children's homes did not remain indifferent either. With the available possibilities they offer the refugees either a longer stay or a shelter for the onward journey. Here, too, we were able to support the families with the monetary donations received, for which they are very grateful.
Family from the children's house in Grady, which has taken in some refugees from Butscha, having a meal together.
Fled to Germany in order not to traumatize the children even more. The first spring days in peace are enjoyed