Stiftung Die Brücke zum Leben

Children's Home in Tschernjachiw

Chernyakhiv is an urban-type settlement in the Ukrainian region of Zhytomyr and the administrative center of the district of the same name with about 10,000 inhabitants.

All over the world there are children growing up in poverty, without love or parental care. What paths are open to these children for their future? Often its poverty, prostitution, crime, and not a few children die on their way to adulthood.

How to help the children out of these sad and desolate situations? – by enabling them to be children again. This is the idea of the foundation THE BRIDGE TO LIFE. Normally, every child has a pair of parents. However, if their own parents do not take care of the children, for whatever reason, there are people who do it for them.

Here in Cherniyakhiv, too, a couple was found who dedicate their lives to orphans. They want to fulfill their role as mom and dad with full devotion, to give the children love, security, and an intact family. In such an environment, the children can play, sing, and laugh again without worries about tomorrow.

On June 17, 2021, the children's house in Cherniyakhiv was ceremonially opened. The family moves here into a large and friendly house and makes it a home.


A current picture of the family

Insights into the construction process and family life

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