Stiftung Die Brücke zum Leben

Children’s Home III in Odessa

City of millions. Popular vacation spot. Administrative center of the Odessa district. The famous city at the Black Sea has a vibrant history and has already been a home for many different people. But it is well known that big cities also have their hotspots. It was the great misery of many indigent children which led the church communities to contact the foundation.

In 2019, even three Children’s Homes were built! The long-awaited day of the opening was celebrated on September 14th. Beside the numerous visitors, the children were especially happy. Every single child has its own moving and often bitterly hard story.

However, all of them share the common hope for a future in a caring family with the possibility to grow up with values such as respect, love and acceptance. THE BRIDGE TO LIFE did fulfill their wish. A Children's Home of the foundation is not just a house, but a symbol of hope for the children living in it.

The caring parents make this Children’s Home a real home. Children who have experienced a lot of suffering in the past now have a family-life that is shaped by Christian values. This gives them a stable foundation for their future.

A current picture of the family

Insights into the construction process and family life

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