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Children's Home I in Tscherkasi

The pastor of the local evangelical free-church and his wife did not care a bit that most of their family members actually are foster children. For their biological daughters, who grew up in this loving environment, it goes without question, "when I get married we will take orphans into our family, since they would otherwise never have the chance to receive the love, warmth and affection my siblings and I experienced in our own home.“
That was her dream, and now in the year 2017, on the property of their church, it will come true.

After the permits were granted and the foundations had been poured, the authorities approached us with the following request, "five little girls, who had just become orphans through tragic circumstances, now would have to be distributed into several state-run orphanages.

The separation from their siblings would certainly be a huge psychological burden for these children. If you are willing to take these children in right now, even though the Children’s Home is not finished yet, you would spare them from even more pain and help soften their tragedy a bit.“
Without thinking twice the family agreed. For them it is already decided that in 2017 even more children will be added to their family once the Children’s Home is finished.

On June 1, which in the Ukraine is celebrated as the international day of the child, many children were quite excited. „We have a home, we have a mom and a dad,“ one could hear them chatter while with beaming eyes they toured the rooms of their newly constructed Children’s Home.

A current picture of the family

Insights into the construction process and family life

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