Stiftung Die Brücke zum Leben

Children's Home IV in Tschernowzy

Tschernowzy is the capital of the region bearing the same name and lies on the right banks of the river Pruth. In 2015 a home for up to 12 children was built here as well. On November 8th we celebrated its opening with a big ceremony. The local evangelical free-church owns enough land to build even more of these much needed children’s homes.

Construction permits are not hard to obtain, since the authorities also want to contribute their part, so that more children’s homes could open their doors to children who would otherwise not have a chance to grow up in a sheltered family environment.

Once the second Children’s Home was filled with the laughter of children, building permits for further projects wer submitted and granted.

Three families have agreed to offer a home to orphans and to prepare them for a future worth living.
In 2017 the foundation constructed the fourth Children’s Home in this place and opened it on September 23.

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