Stiftung Die Brücke zum Leben

Children's Home II in Busiwka

Busivka is a village with 2200 inhabitants, located in the west of the Ukrainian Cherkassy district about 100 miles from the capital Kiev.

Here in this small place found at once two families who want to devote their lives to the orphans. The children who would like to completely erase their previous "family" experiences from their memory. The new parents would like to give the children a home and the love that is due to every child and should be a matter of course.

The property is big enough for two children's houses, so the second children's house was built in parallel and opened on 06.08.2022. In this Children's House the children can learn what it means to be a child, to laugh and to be embraced.

We are very grateful that despite the war, the possibility to open this children's house existed!

A current picture of the family

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