Stiftung Die Brücke zum Leben

Children's Home II in Piwdenne

Piwdenne is a town in Ukraine in the Dnipopetrovsk region and about 340 miles southeast of the capital Kiev, with about 7700 inhabitants.

The opening of the first Children's House was celebrated in a big way and the second Children's House in the village was not long in coming. It could open its door for the children in need of protection simultaneously with the first Children's House on 15.09.2022.

Creating and leading a large family is a challenge that a couple has taken on. The parents want to give not only their own children, but also several orphans a chance to grow up in a safe home where they will experience love and guidance. This couple's plan is fully supported by the project of the foundation THE BRIDGE TO LIFE, they now do not have to worry about living space. Up to 12 children can grow up in this house in the protection of a family.

This great event is a celebration not only for the family, but also for the inhabitants of the city, the employees of the authorities, the youth and social workers and the mayor.

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